Masakage Advantage

Masakage's main goal is to offer amazing hand crafted Japanese knives.
  • Our knives stay sharper longer than commonly available knives because our famed blacksmiths use harder steels.
  • All Masakge knives are hand sharpened by Takayuki Shibata san, one of the best professional knife sharpeners in Japan, and are probably sharper than anything you've used before.
  • We strive to make all Masakage knives beautiful. You are allowed to be seduced by beautiful kitchen tools.
  • All Masakage knives can be used easily by right or left handed users as none of our knives have right biased 'D' shaped handles. We use oval, octagon or western handles
  • The handles are set back a bit further from the handle to maximize comfortabilty a claw or pinch grip like chefs use.
  • Our Nakiri blades are slightly taller than standard for ease of use, to accommodate many sharpening over the life of the knife and to give a bit of extra room for scooping vegetables form the cutting board.