Knife Care

  • Wash and dry the blade by hand immediately after use. They are not dishwasher safe.
  • Use a soft sponge to wash the blade. Avoid abrasive dish scrubbers and powders as these can damage the
    finish of the blade.
  • Do not cut through bones. This can chip the blade.
  • Never use this knife to cut frozen food.
  • Never twist, cleave or prise the blade.

  • Always use a wooden or plastic cutting board. Never cut on glass, marble, slate, a plate, china, marble or anything harder than steel. Also avoid bamboo as it is very hard and dulls knives quickly.
  • Store knives in a way that the blades will not knock into each other.
  • Use a ceramic honing rod or leather strop for the edge maintenance. Never use a coarse steel sharpening rod or diamond rod.
  • Do not use a wheel sharpener or sharpening tools. Always sharpen by hand on waterstones.
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